Professional Window Coverings Sales - Make a Friend - 7 Step Selling System

You will learn the industry's best system for selling window treatments. More million dollar consultants have graduated this class than any other. In just 7 simple steps you will unlock your next potential and start earning more on your first appointment.

You will learn:

  • How to build relationships that last a lifetime.
  • How to "Close" the sale before bringing samples from your van!
  • Successful techniques to Connect with the Customer and take a Home tour. This will shift focus from products and function to beauty and ideas!
  • The Importance of telling your story with a photo portfolio. You will discover how it builds your credibility to recognize your exceptional talent!
  • You will learn your customer's investment expectation and you will do it before showing products. 

To purchase the Professional Window Coverings Sales (7 Steps Selling System) Class Online  - Click the course titled "Make a Friend 7 Step System: Step 1a & 1b" below to purchase and gain access to all 7 steps.